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Lauren Cierra, TOP CHEF. 

This isn’t just cheesecake - it’s an unforgettable experience!


Since 1998 Our irresistible family cheesecake recipe has been warming the hearts of our fans. Our love for cheesecake and luxury has brought us to create this private, family-owned company in 2020 to provide our exceptional cheesecakes to everyone on a mass scale.  We specialize in delivering fresh decadent cheesecake right to the doors of our fans. We also provide cheesecake to local restaurants and coffeeshops alike. 

At Naomi Cierra’s we use only the finest, and freshest ingredients; certified organic and purchased locally whenever possible.  Our cheesecakes are made from scratch by hand, baked the old-fashioned way, fresh never frozen, and made to order!

Our specialty is our Signature Vanilla Bean Cheesecake made with Organic Bourbon Vanilla Beans perfectly paired with our Secret Sauce: The Stellar Graham Cracker Crust! Our cheesecakes are available whole in 6, 8 and 10 inch sizes as well as by the slice. 

Another time long-time customer favorite is our assorted mini-cheesecakes;  the perfect single-serving size to satisfy all of your cravings, without the guilt and available in a select variety of flavors.  Each mini-cheesecake weighs approximately 3-4 ounces and measures approximately 3 inches in height -- depending on the toppings. 

We can’t wait to get our cake in your belly!

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